Just a set of definitions for those late to the party…

TTAADD or ttaadd, stands for Trials and Tribulations of the Adult Attention Deficit Disord…. SQUIRREL! For the humor-challenged, it is a joke, a gentle poke at the current disease-focused culture of the US, where every “disorder” comes with its own set of excuses. For more on my opinion of AADD, see the “about” page in the upper navigation.

The Voices in My Head – Britni, Ethel and Dexter

  • Britni is the cheerleading, jaw-flapping, be-dazzler that is my sideways look at the pathologically perky.
  • Ethel is a crotchety old soul, and I have to constantly remind her to use her words with Britni, and not a stick.
  • Dexter is… well, Dexter.  No, don’t LOOK at him…if you avoid his gaze, he’s not quite as scary.

House McNuggett – the 5th wheel trailer that my husband and I bought while still in Oregon, remodeled to be comfortable for the two of us, and lived in from September 30 to December 17 of 2013. That trail took us from Coos Bay, Oregon to:

  • the Idaho panhandle, north of Sandpoint,
  • Columbia Falls, Montana to spend a week with friends,
  • Billings, Montana,
  • Box Elder, South Dakota,
  • Onawa, Iowa,
  • Milford, Kansas,
  • Durant, Oklahoma,
  • Lampasas, Texas,
  • Riviera, Texas,
  • Fort Stockton, Texas,
  • and finally to where we have lived since December 17, 2013, Longfellow Ranch.

For more on what it took for us to go mobile, please see my archived blog at: Going Mobile USA.



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