128 – and the beat goes on

Oh my word, I haven’t posted here since August. Since no one is protesting, I’ll just have to assume y’all haven’t missed me. That should make me sad, but it actually makes me feel a little less pressured.

So, since August, I:

  • Completed the contract at the restaurant, and handed it over to a new manager. My opinion of him will remain unwritten–he’s still there as I’m writing this, so it’s been seven weeks, as he started right at the beginning of October. I hope, for the Mitchell’s sake, he makes a success of it. Scuttlebutt around town is not good, but then, it seldom is about most things.
  • Am 11,000 words into Flak Be Nimble, the sequel to This Little Pig, which makes me very happy and annoyed at the same time. I used NaNoWriMo to jump into it, and have struggled to get in gear. I did great for the first week and a half, and been just eking it out ever since. Minor proof is… I’m writing in this blog for the first time in THREE MONTHS, because I’ll do anything to not be writing in the novel. I should be 40,000 words in, and I’m just over a quarter of that…
  • Bought a warehouse with Corey. And an RV storage lot, as the property came with a half-acre lot, hurricane fenced, triple-strand barbwire headed. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Still standing empty… but that’s not really why we bought the property anyway.
  • Stopped writing my column for the 90 days I was at the restaurant–as I know I suck at multi-tasking and might not have time to do the column justice. Jody Bailey Day, one of the most amazing people I know, ably stepped in and did a Mayberry serial, which was awesome.
  • Went back to writing my column a couple weeks back, and totally spaced that this week was Thanksgiving, so just wrote an everyday column to turn in this Sunday… 🙂 Corey and I don’t really plan to do anything but bake a ham on the day, and otherwise kind of ignore the whole thing. He is busy-busy with stuff for the ranch and will probably work through the four-day weekend… and I have to be in town on Friday evening anyway.  Hmm…

So, it’s been an interesting 90 days. Life never stands still, does it?


126 – Can’t believe it’s been a month!

So much going on of late… An old, old friend came to visit the first week of June, unexpectedly, but most welcome. We had just come back from watching one of my favorite people in the world graduate, Vivyan Sauls, niece extraordinaire. Got to see my sis for the first time since a quick visit in March, and Viv’s older sister, Elizabeth for the first time in five years. It was totally awesome to hug her neck and talk, as well.

Annette (at right, with me in one of the hunting buggies), who was part of a couple that were very close with me and the ex-, looked amazing, hadn’t aged a day… Hadn’t seen her since I was super-heavy, and had spoken to AnnetteAndMeher a couple times since the divorce, but hadn’t actually seen her. It was really awesome to see her and talk to her. Some things don’t change–old friendships that you can take up without missing a beat are pretty danged awesome.

Also got to see daughter Kelsey, husband Brian and both kids for nearly a week. It was an awful lot of fun having a little one to play with, and Tyler got a chance to play with the owner’s grandson, slip-and-sliding an afternoon away.

Writing is booming right along, as well. The print and Kindle versions of my second book of the summer, “She’s Thinking Out Loud,” are live on Amazon.com. Haven’t got a ton of response to it yet, but haven’t had near the marketing time that I had with “This Little Pig.” It’s also of much more local interest, as the vast majority is my op-ed columns written for The Fort Stockton Pioneer.

Am 4,000 words into the sequel to Pig, “Flak Be Nimble.” Synopsis: Flak’s been asked to be maid of honor at her college roommate Cynthia’s wedding to the heir to a West Texas homestead. She accepts with pleasure, as well as taking on teaching a summer class on small town law enforcement at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, so she can stay in the area while Cyn and her soon-husband honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta.  But Flak first has to puzzle out why her oldest friend, who should be blissfully happy, is instead scared to death. Before long, bodies with a peculiar symbol etched on each one begin to show up everywhere, from unmarked graves in what outsiders believe are the barren wastelands of the High Chihuahuan Desert to extremely public places in the small towns scattered a day’s hard ride apart. None of it seems to make sense. But the body count just keeps getting higher, and that will not stand. Not where Flak’s concerned, anyway.

I’ve signed up for Camp Nanowrimo, shooting for 3,000 words a day… I’d really like to have a first draft done by the end of the month of July – I wrote Pig in 30 days, should be able to get FBN drafted in that amount of time. We’ll see.

I’ve also lost 31 pounds in the last 90 days. Deliberately. Shooting to lose about 40 more by the end of the year. 🙂 It’s been a good spring and summer so far.