about TTAADD

The blog “Trials and Tribulations of the AADD,” began as a collection of irregular, irreverent news-ish emails that I sent to friends throughout 2012 and 2013. I regularly add to it, please feel free to subscribe.

For the uninitiated, please note that, while I can be scattered, I don’t honestly feel that I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. The title was meant to be funny, to try to bring some lightness to the subject.

Following is my opinion on the subject, read at your own risk.

I feel that the entire process of weaponizing a label in this way can be devastating to the adult who is labeled (and to the child who is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD).  Given the excuse of a “disorder” to pin their behavior on gives WAY too much social leeway to the child and then the adult.  Being antsy is not a disorder.  Neither is being impulsive or inattentive.  I think the words “Sit down, shut up, and listen,” would go a long way toward erasing this asininity from the list of valid “disorders.”

I truly believe that discipline on the part of the parent, and giving teachers of that child permission and encouragement to discipline the child would move a long, long way toward taking this stupidity out of the DSM-IV-TR.  Children who grow up with discipline become adults who are disciplined and capable of modifying their own behavior.

The information at the Center for Disease Control on this subject is really interesting, and parsing through the information at that link makes me believe even more that the variance across the US proves this is a subjective diagnosis, not based on rational fact.

Like any other statistic, data can be explained how you choose, and you may choose to interpret it differently.  please note, this is my opinion ONLY, not that of the medical establishment.  You may now resume your normally scheduled programming. 🙂


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