121 – my brain hurts

I am trying to fix everything about everything at once, and it’s starting to make my brain hurt. I know this because I’m starting to lose my homonymns. You know, the ones that sound the same, but are spelled different and mean different things?

Anyway… this website’s fixed, my other, professional website’s pretty much fixed,when the print version of This Little Pig comes out end of next week, it will be in great shape. Oh, did I creepysmileyfacemention the book will be out next week?  Can you see that grin all over my face? Yeah, maybe not.  Well, there is one. Not as blissfully silly as the neon pink one at right… but still.

That’s number one. I have another sitting right in front of me, just waiting for me to start marking it up… and a whole LIST of things to do along with it.

And oh, people, if I get any happier… well, you know the rest, don’t you?

Everybody at once, now!

If I get any happier, I’m going to have to sit on my hands to keep from waving at people.

Time to stop looking at this buggerty thing for today. The computer, that is… Go do something retro, like crochet. Happy Mother’s Day to me – along with the children that my amazing and delightful husband gave to me, at the ages of 15 and 17 years old, respectively, I have just given birth to a freaking BOOK.  It only took, oh, a bit over 12 years from conception to delivery.

So I’m slow!


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