120 – update and redesign on the way

As part of the overall move toward merging my personal, writing and business identities and becoming one person in front of the world, so to speak, this blog is going to undergo a sea change soon. It’s built on a much older version of WordPress, one that won’t even allow me to change the comment section so people can respond without having to “join” the blog. That’s not acceptable, so that’s one of the things that’s going to change.

I also want to change it to match the theme of www.lisachannon.com, my writing website, and lisachannondotcomimagethat’s not an option in this older version of WordPress, so that’s part of the other reason for the update. It’s possible I won’t be able to match it exactly, but I will hopefully at least be able to update it and match the feeling of the Radiate theme that I’m using over there, which I’m liking a lot. I had to move through three or four before I got there, but I like it now.

You can see by the image at right that it’s nice and clean, and I can use images from my own photography… plus the images at top will change each time you change pages and each time you come back or even reload the page, randomly. I love that, and it will get me back out taking photographs, which I also love.

What I don’t love is changing computers, which I’m starting to do this morning, from my work laptop, which I used to do everything for the last eight months, back to my personal computer… but to change my blog, I need to re-download WordPress again… and to do that, I need to be on my own personal computer. Bleah. Hate it. But necessary.

Hope all’s well with everyone.  Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow to those who celebrate!


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