119 – my head just exploded (in a very good way)

Lots going on, my chickens, but in a good way.

You may have noticed (you may not) that I tend not to identify myself on this blog. Lots of reasons, not least because I’ve never felt really SAFE on the Internet. If you do, you’re an idiot. That said, there are a lot of reasons why I’m coming out of my shell, not least of which is that I now have a book for sale, and my name is all over it, and the only way to sell a book is to be proud of it, which I am.

So, you’ll find me publicizing the book more here, plus linking back and forth between my brand-spanking new website, www.lisachannon.com, and this site.  I think I’m going to be starting a new blog, as well, on post-gastric-bypass ramifications and weight loss, but I’ve got a lot to think about before I do that. Stay tuned. It’s a really specialized subject, but there are good reasons to both start a blog and not to, and I just need to think about the whole thing.This Little Pig - ebook Cover 2

I was going to actually move this blog over to the new site, but it turns out that this is not as easy as it might sound. You have to start a whole networking thing, modify the backend of the site (which sounds rude, but is actually coding, and Mama didn’t raise no coder, sorry) and do other things which I simply don’t have time to learn, nor cash to pay anyone else to develop for me. It can be done by filtering with categories… but that’s where my head exploded, per the blog header… so, we’ll see.

I’m working on losing weight, successfully as it turns out, but not saying a whole lot about it because a) I’m writing about it, and b) I’m writing about it. Oh, and c) I have to finish this up and go for a run so I can lose some more weight. 🙂

It will all come out in the wash… Anyway, the final! proof of This Little Pig is on its way to me. The Kindle version is as error-free as it’s ever going to be, so please, feel free to pop over to www.lisachannon.com and explore there, where you’ll find links, or straight over to Amazon.com if you’ve got a Kindle or the program on your computer. The print version should be available (fingers crossed) very shortly, and then the marketing blitz begins, baby. Press releases over in East Texas, blah, blah, blah.

Life just got interesting…. but then, it always has been, hasn’t it.



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