118 – heading home this morning

“It’s 4 in the morning, and once more the dawning, just woke up the wanting in me…” such a lovely old song, subtle, hauntingly lovely and sexy. All I want is to be home without a car ride and a bus ride and a plane ride and schlepping my suitcase to my car and three hours’ drive home broken up by a quick Walmart Odessa trip. But, since I am not I Dream of Jeannie, I jeanniewill be flying to Midland from DFW this morning after a business trip.

Not a terribly successful meeting , but as three separate people pointed out to me yesterday, it’s not always about what you actually go on the trip for, it’s about everything else. Maybe there was someone I met, or something else that happened that will lead to something else. I think that it shows that people are really actually very optimistic creatures. Or they are full of ca-ca. Or just very nice to me. Or  all the above. You pick!

At least they let me go home. 🙂 Anyway, it’s off to the elliptical here at the hotel for me. Cannot recommend the Hilton Garden Inn highly enough. And no, they don’t pay me to say that. Staying just south of the airport. I sleep pretty soundly, so I didn’t hear the planes, though if I think about it hard, they’re there in the background. I used to live on the western fence of the airport, though, so you tune them out pretty quick.

I stay in them wherever I can (Hilton Garden Inns, not planes!). They have great staff, luxurious accommodations, and reasonably reasonable prices. Not Motel 6 prices, but then again, I graduated from Motel 6 a while back. 🙂


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