117 – missing something?

Ah… if you think a couple weeks of posts are missing, well, you’re right. If you don’t think anything’s missing, then pay no attention to the man, er, woman behind the curtain.

I pulled them all down for a reason.manbehindthecurtain

What reason you ask?


I’m writing.

I’m writing like mad.

About a lot of different things, and in a lot of different places. I’ve got one e-book up on Amazon, and it is in the proof stage. I’ve got one book that is headed for the proof stage.

I’m workshopping my autobiography, chapter by chapter, and it’s got a ways to go. I’m thinking seriously about turning the 90-day diet that I’m on into the last half of a book that I’ve already got the first half mostly written. The first half is about pre-gastric bypass, and the last half would be gastric bypass ten years later. Working title: “I Thought the Weight was Over: I was Wrong.”

Still thinking about that one. But–having to go back to for medical intervention to assist with appetite control ten years post-op is serious enough that it’s worth thinking about a book, anyway.

Plus, I’m working on my content management skills over on LinkedIn for Bryan and Gerardo at my day job, so I’m scribbling like mad pretty much all day every day, or reading, re-reading or proofing something I’ve read. Gets a little crazy, but I’m really loving it at the moment.


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