115 – syndicating myself – adventures in working for me

This is about to get a little self-referential, so my apologies to those who just don’t care. You have my permission, both imp- and explicit, to bolt at this point.

Here’s the deal.  syndicateI’ve been writing op-ed articles for a couple decades. First to publish in the various towns I lived in over the years, in onesie-twosie style. Then, when I was managing editor of a community newspaper (The Madisonville Meteor) in 1999-2000, I wrote the editorials for the paper. We moved off to the DFW area, and I was lucky enough to snag a community contributor spot for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in 2002 or so, a commitment for four op/eds across the course of a year.

When I moved back to Texas a hundred pounds lighter and divorced, I talked the editor of the Fort Stockton Pioneer into letting me write op/eds in 2009-2010.  The editor (Pam Palileo, now publisher and editor) told me more than once that my articles got the best response of anything they’d put in the paper.

Fast forward five years–after leaving the area in 2011 and returning in 2014, once again, I’m writing for Pam, and it finally occurred to me recently that maybe other people would like what I’m writing. So… I am about to begin a journey that should be quite interesting.

Not quitting my day job, just going to work around it…not for the first time.  And, because I am nothing if not adventurous, I’m not going to even attempt to court the big syndicates.  For one thing, they want like half of what you make, if not more in some cases. While I’m not a marketeer, mostly, I sure as heck know how to write a proposal, since that IS what I do at my day job.

So, I’m about to start writing proposals in my spare time, as well. Only these will be pushing my skills, my abilities, my writing. I’ve been talking to friends who are in the biz, as well, with pleas to help me figure out how to do this, what to charge. The response has been enormous, and welcome!

This journey will entail a lot of things–and probably in overall detail, be quite boring for the general run of folks. But who knows?  Might be able to get a book out of it, if nothing else. 😀


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