107 – family is everything

It’s been an amazing week.

Daughter Kelsey and boyfriend Brian are here for one more day with three-year-old Tyler, the first grandbaby. The second grandbaby is here as a baby bump, a little girl already named Haley Leann, due near my birthday in April.

Kels and Brian are both US Army specialists, and they’ll be headed out for their 13-hour drive back to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, sometime Sunday.

Our son John came in with them–he’s transferring from Ramstein AFB Germany to Malmstrom AFB, Montana. We haven’t seen him for nearly two and a half years, since he went to USAF basic training in 2012.

He is too skinny, but seems happy and peaceful, more than I think I’ve ever seen him. We get to keep him for another week, unless he changes his mind.

Corey’s brother Patrick also came in for a far-too-short Thanksgiving holiday weekend with wife Bobbi, daughter Sara, and nine-month-old Olivia. They’ll be headed home on a seven-hour drive to south Texas today.

I know that no one’s left yet… but I already know why my mother always left to see her mother after a big family visit. This house is tyogoing to seem HUGE and incredibly empty without a little boy running through it, and a tiny little girl using a phone extension to beat the crap out of a baby piano.

Corey and I live very quiet lives, ordinarily, and I won’t kid you, the noise levels have gotten up to painful levels on occasion over the last few days.

But as I type this, a little girl is at the other end of the hall, happily “talking” to her grandparents at 7 a.m., and waking them whether they choose to wake or not…

I know, in the end, it’s going to be a relief to get our house back, and be able to finally settle in to this house that we’ve only lived in a little over two weeks.

But for the next few days, mostly, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.


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