102 – autumn, and everything’s coming alive

I know a lot of people see autumn as the time of year when the plants start dying or begin shutting down for the winter to come, but I have always found it so energizing. Maybe because I’ve lived in warmer climes all my life, so fall temperatures are the first relief from the summer heat in months.

I may not be oriented on plants as keeping time because I can kill any plant ever… bought a beautiful calladium, and it’s down to five spindly little stalks with leaves and Corey may not even be able to keep the buggerty thing alive much longer.   He, on the other hand, sticks a few green onions straight out of the grocery store in some plantswater and they’ve not just lived but thrived for months; he hasn’t had to buy any since June, just keeps clipping them off the original bunch. And they’re putting on new sprouts as I speak.

The spider plant was once three spider plants – two died under my watch, but he rescued the third. The two large green leaves in the small red pot are an orchid that he has kept alive for more than two years and even coaxed into reblooming once. It was a birthday present from Johnny to me just before he went in the Air Force in July of 2012.

It’s probably a good thing Corey had the kids when he met me and they were big, strapping healthy specimens.

But, I love fall–the cool temperatures make me happy. I don’t like sweating unless it’s my idea.

Perhaps part of the reason for my happiness is that we’ve got so much going on right now, it feels as if life’s kicked into high gear. Signing papers for the new building this week. I’m finishing my first full proposal for my new job this week. We may be buying a van this week. All kinds of things going on–and they will inevitably interfere with each other.

That’s OK – that’s what balance is about. I feel as if I’ve been in a long, fallow period, something everything needs in order to rejuvenate, revive, grow again. Six days from now is one year since I left Cisco behind, and I feel as if I’ve finally healed from all that.

Happy autumn days people. Enjoy your pumpkin spice whatevers while they’re around… 😀


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