92 – insomnia, thou art heartless

Ah, lordie… I thought it was a hotel thing. Never been able to sleep well the first night in a strange hotel room.

zsApparently, it also works the same way even in a place where I lived. First night back… and sleep is elusive, here at 2 a.m. Listening to the train’s horn in the distance, as it blows through Alpine. There is no place in town where you can go and not hear it. Wasn’t what kept me awake, though. It’s just not… home.

Regarding why I’m here, training someone to do your job is a distinctly weird thing. Not a BAD thing. Just a weird thing. And this is the second time in a row where I’ve trained my successor.  It was near this time last year that we received the announcement that there were to be layoffs at Cisco. A sweaty and tense roller coaster of a month later, I got the news that I was one of those caught up in it… but still had 18 days left where I was expected to accomplish what Cisco politely terms “knowledge transfer.”

That was long ago and far away. But the knowledge I’m transferring now isn’t to some poor sod who got my job on top of her own, as it was with Cisco. The paper found a replacement who will be better at it than me. She’s got journalism chops far past my own, and more important, she lives here in Alpine.

It makes me feel as if there was more than the obvious reason for my presence here… I was apparently here to learn a few things–the top one being that I never again want to be far enough away from my husband that we actually have different weather.  Not for long periods of time anyway. A flying trip up to Montana for the annual ladies’ camp-out is one thing. Living a two-hour drive away and seeing him one or two nights a week is no longer on the table.

For the paper, perhaps the reason I was here was to simply be that interim presence to keep the paper printing for five weeks while they got the right person into the job. Or possibly, as 2:30 a.m. has come and gone, I’m just trying to justify my hasty arrival and departure.  Whatever the perception, the reality is unmistakably that the lady who will now be both publisher and editor will be great at the job–and I couldn’t be more glad.

Oh–and for an update on the whole running thing, I ran 4.5 miles yesterday without walking even once. Please note again that running may just be what it feels like inside my head, but it definitely ain’t walking. I can tell the difference, because I sweat a lot more. 🙂

Off to chase the elusive “Zs” and, since I don’t need to be in to the office until 8:30, I can get like five more hours of sleep.


It could happen.


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