90 – caught between two worlds

Got home Thursday night and spent from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. putting together my work space Friday morning, so I can deal with moving from one job to the other quickly.  Wanted to be able to work from home one day before we start putting a paper together on Monday, just to make sure that it works.

DSCN5450Well, it works. In the pic, I’ve got two laptops open, but when I move from one to the other, I take the upper monitor HDMI cord and move it to the other laptop… and move the keyboard/mouse USB plug-in, as well. So in other words, it’s not as confusing as it looks. Both laptops actually remain shut while I’m working, they’re projecting up on the high monitor. Which makes me sit up straight, among other things.

More than anything else… I’m home.

Oh, there are hazards – as you can see in the picture, the kitchen is the next room over… and the refrigerator, it calls to me… but the busier I am, the less that’s a factor.

The hardest part is going to be helping the folks at the paper understand that I’m not just wandering around with my finger up my nose all day waiting for something to happen. They’ve not had anyone working as a telecommuter before…

But, that speaks back to the headline. It took 15 minutes to get my computer set up for for the new job, and I was on the phone while my tech guy took control of my screen, opened up what was necessary and got it fine-tuned for my router, etc. When he was done, I can actually save the work I’m doing on a server folder there at headquarters just like it was any other folder–and I’m doing it through a VPN, a virtual private network, so it’s secure.  No sweat, no hu-hu, just “look forward to working with you next week.”

For the paper, I’m uploading through FTP, using a free program that I had to download (Filezilla, if you’re interested). The uploads are onto a server that’s remote both to the paper and to me–and I was told there was no access to the paper’s server. FTP is a 40+ year old technology–and in all reality, VPN relies on FTP to work.  The interfaces are different, that’s all. But the feeling is much like stepping out of a Maserati and jumping into a Gremlin.

For those who thought that, by going back to virtual work, I’m going to back work for Cisco as a consultant, the answer to that would be not just no, but… well, ok, just no. At my advanced age, I’ve learned to seldom use the word “never.”

But still, wish me luck! I need to build this position into something that pays for my presence there and more, and does it as quickly as it is humanly possible.  Lord knows, I love a challenge.


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