84 – bugs and… bugs

Back to the “home on the range,” as I have the phone number programmed in my phone… and glad of it. It was an interesting trip… So, Paris (Texas) was OK–wouldn’t want to live there, but with all apologies to the people of the city, I don’t want to live in any city ever again. Close, yes… closer than we do now would be good. But in one? No thanks.  Too many people trying to breathe my air. Annoying people. And they all have cars. grapelandhouse

We saw probably two dozen houses, most of which we drove up to, said “no, thank you,” and kept driving.  Four we went through with realtors. The fifth we walked through ourselves, fell in love with, called the broker, even went to his house the next morning and signed a contract…

After much, much discussion, we called the broker back and asked him to withdraw the paperwork.

grapelandhouse2The biggest single thing that made us fall in love with it was the setting.  The biggest single thing that kept us from committing, I think, is that we actually like each other and love spending time together. I can contemplate, in theory, spending a week or more a month away from Corey… but when it comes right down to it, I can’t do it.  I struggle when I’m away from him just a few days, seriously. Hate it. And trying to both take care of and renovate a place that’s an eight-hour drive away from us here in West Texas was just too much to contemplate.

You can see more pictures of the house here, and with the cathedral ceilings and massive fireplace in the great room, Corey would have been worried the whole time I was there working on stuff.  The work itself honestly doesn’t worry me… but falling off a ladder when you’re out in the middle of nowhere and alone… well, having to make grown-up decisions SUCKS.

And, all this was accomplished while I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of the cold from hell, which of course turned into bronchitis.  So I basically coughed, sneezed and scattered tissues across motel rooms throughout East Texas.

BlackHeadCentipedeWHSp_C2104Anyway… so we took the shortcut across central Texas to come back, and stopped at one of our favorite towns, Junction, Texas.  It’s right on the Llano River.  I won’t say what hotel we stayed in, though honestly, the manager/owner was great, as were the staff.  The rooms were high-ceilinged, and the setting was gorgeous. I’m always up earlier than Cor, so as usual, I snagged my computer bag and headed down to the breakfast room. I’d probably been down there an hour, zoning out into the Internet, when I felt something prickle on my left leg, something moving.  I turned around in my chair so I could get to my left leg, pulled up the hem of my jeans, and something that looked an awful lot like the centipede in that picture was moving on my leg, about six to eight inches long.  I proceeded to do the Mexican Hat Dance trying to get it off my leg while screaming like a girl.  A lot.  The other occupants of the breakfast room were looking at me like I’d gone insane, until I finally got the thing jolted off onto the floor, at which time there was a mass exodus.

WHILE the hotel staff were catching the thing with too many legs and a bad attitude, another lady staffer walked in fairly breathless and a little pale and told the manager there was a brown tarantula the size of her hand on the front sidewalk. It was apparently critter day at the hotel, and no one thought to inform either the guests or the staff.

Oh, and I got a ticket in Fort Worth driving around the loop. I was going 79 in a 60.  It’s going to be expensive as hell. And well deserved.  Think someone’s telling me I need to stay the heck in West Texas?

Anyway… we’re back. The cough is subsiding, hopefully.  If it’s not gone in a couple more days, I guess I’ll hie myself over to a doctor and get THAT taken care of as well.  I’m glad to be back, bugs and all.


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