82 – nearly home

Lots of design work built and completed… I’m trying to use my powers for good, these days, or at least to be of benefit to our daily lives. Corey and I put our heads together and designed, built and stained a coffee table, and then this weekend, I sewed a pillow for it–basically stuffed it with four of the cheap WalMart pillows to make us a long coffeetable-bothhassock. It’s a little lumpy and bumpy looking, but quite functional, which is all I was looking for. Took me only like an hour or two to put it together. Like everything I’m making these days, it’s washable–made it like a really long pillow sham, so the pillows can actually be removed, washed separately, and the cover can be washed.  Was going to add straps to tie it on to the top of the table, but the table grain actually snags the material enough that it doesn’t slide around easily, so for the time being, I’m leaving it as is.

Also decided to make me some tank tops that fit–the rant, of course, being that the ones that are the right size have spaghetti straps, which I hate, because my bras don’t, and that just looks stupid.  tankAdd to that the fact that for some reason women’s tank tops are made in straight lines–so from the underarms down, there is no give in the dang things–and I do not have a single straight line on my body.  It’s frustrating and annoying when you sit down and your shirt rolls up like an old window blind.  And, if you buy a men’s tank top, the armholes gape down to your waist.  For that matter, if I buy a tank top actually large enough to go around my butt, the top’s too big.  Being shaped like an hour glass with lots more sand in the bottom than the top has its hazards.

So, I bought four men’s t-shirts, as the price was actually cheaper than buying the equivalent amount of material, and bought some double-fold bias tape for the edges–please note, I’ll make my own next time.  The photo shows the before and after. Took one of my old t-shirts and sketched out the shapes as I wanted them to be on the big shirt, cut off the excess, then bound the neck, arms, and the slits in the sides at the bottom to accommodate my adiposity. Will be using the one I built as a template to make the next ones.

stainedglasspurse-flipsideTook the next purse I designed–the one I’m calling the stained glass purse–sold it to Corey’s boss (well, technically, his bosses bosses boss), then used the proceeds to buy me a real quilting machine.  The purse is shown here–and like the first one I built, it is reversible and washable.  I actually loved the way it turned out–and it gave me a lot of great ideas for the next thing, which is probably going to be a washable diaper bag.  I know people have to be getting tired of the plasticized ones, so I just need to think this out and keep talking to the friends of mine who’ve actually carried one, which I never have.  As far as the quilt design of the purse body–I don’t think I’ll try to work with quilt squares that small again.  Even using strip quilting techniques, which I did, there are more than 500 little 1.25″ squares in that thing.

But, it got me the sewing machine I wanted, and the bells and whistles on the Brother SQ9185 machine are just amazing, the biggest and best of which is that I can completely operate it by hand with a few push buttons. It also has a large work area, but still has the free arm, which is totally necessary when you’re working with purses where you may be continuing to sew even after they’re constructed. LOVE it so far… used one of it’s 130 decorative stitches to put a Greek key design around the t-shirt binding–was going to add a picture of that, but I’m wearing it. 😀

We’re taking off Friday for East Texas to look for that forever home… looking both at land and at older homes that need a fair amount of work but that are basically livable.  We’ll see… Can’t wait for ten days with my hubby, but trying not to get my hopes up about finding that place that’s right for us. We’re goal-oriented people–and this is that something we can work toward.  Doesn’t have to be perfect from the outset, and if it’s not right, then it just won’t happen.  Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. 😀


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