79 – timing changes

Ah… life changes things, you know.  Writing this in one of my favorite hotels in the world, a Hilton Garden Inn. They’re kind of the boutique version of the big Hiltons, surprisingly affordable, always beautifully clean, and have outstanding people working in every one I’ve ever been in.  And, if you use Hotels.com, even more affordable. Shameless plug, but it’s not like they’re actually giving me any money… Seriously, paid $65 a night (before tax) for two nights here, and Holiday Inn Express is charging $130 a weeknight just a few miles away. Silly buggers.

So–I’m on a flying trip up (over?) here to see my sis, niece, nephew and hubby just northeast of Dallas. It’s a work/school week for them, so it really is just a visit, but haven’t seen ’em in six months. We came whizzing through here on our way to South Texas back in October of last year, and before that, it had been nearly three years.

traffic...Been missing family… Had planned to be here next week, but they’ve got company in for the Memorial Day week so since I could, I just buzzed on up.  It was only about an eight-hour drive, the last two of which was all in the DFW Metroplex. I had forgotten there were this many people IN THE WORLD, much less trying to shove themselves into a few hundred square miles of geography.  Heavens to Murgatroyd…Trying to plan my way back to West Texas tomorrow morning, and there is a whole big blob of millions of these crazy buggers between me and West Texas that I have to either go around or go through….

Anyway, since I’m here this week instead of next, the hubby and I have been discussing him taking time off later in June to do some land hunting over around the old home front with me. In one week, there is Father’s Day, Cor’s birthday and our 5th anniversary… so we’ll just have to see.

For now… it’s 4 a.m., and the hotel insomnia has been written into submission.  Back to bed for a couple hours, then off to visit my sis for one more day…


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