71 – writing on the couch

Getting myself all sorted out in this early morning…the first cup of tea is clearing the fog a bit.  Will be glad when the allergy season’s done.

An old friend’s email a few days back said, “This has certainly turned out to be a fortuitous combination of circumstances for you. You wouldn’t be doing a lot of this introspection or these other things had you not been so isolated.” By “these other things,” she means the playing I’ve been doing with baking everything from bread to saltine crackers (seriously–easiest thing ever).  She’s absolutely right. Easily available distractions like libraries, garage sales, etc., would have given me a way to shirk looking inside my own head.  I’m just as lazy as the next guy in those terms.

bloggingdemotivatorAnd the baking–once you’ve conquered a recipe and gotten into a routine, you go onto automatic pilot and start thinking. Well, I do. And part of what I’m thinking is that I have been a big whiny baby for weeks now  The mini-piphany that started all this was allergy-induced, and since then it’s just been one thing after another.

One other little shocker for me was that I found out that I’m not only not alone in my age- and circumstance-induced angst about what’s next, I may be part of a majority. Everyone’s got different reasons, but the baby boomers are either nearing retirement or over that particular edge already… and we are apparently ALL trying to decide what’s next.

A thought just occurred to me, as well.  I believe I expressed an ambition to Corey to be retired from the workplace by 55.

I turned 54 two weeks ago.



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