70 – navel contemplation officially complete

Tired of peering into my belly button, and starting to get a cramp under my rib cage anyway. Thank you for your patience as I lived up to the title of the blog… I do tend to bounce all over the place when unrestrained, and for someone who has already most likely completed the first half of her life, I have a disturbing tendency to be quite puppy-like in terms of attention span on occasion.

Back to the thoughts wandering around in my mind of late about happenings outside my lint-catcher: I appreciate the recent attention to the “equal pay for equal work” concept on the part of the US administration.  I’ve always thought it was a good idea–but I spent some of my formative years in the military. Same rank, same time in service, same pay, and the pay tables are open knowledge.  I think that last bit is the key.  Until pay tables in all corporations are open to scrutiny, equal pay for equal work is a pipe dream. Women tend to undervalue themselves in the corporate money and power sweepstakes, and men tend to overvalue their contributions. I don’t foresee it changing, and think legislating it may be a mistake.  A shaky recovery is not going to be helped if businesses have to pony up to address inequities. It would simply increase the chances that positions will be killed off, and the same amount of productivity will be necessary with fewer people to support the workload.

On the other tenets of feminism–wasn’t the whole point with feminism supposed to be about choice? Choose to work or to stay home? Choose the business world or domestic one? Choose even whether to have a child or not? In reality, though, stay-at-home moms were made to feel guilty that they made that choice.  So many good things came out of feminism… but one of the worst, to me, was devaluing choices that didn’t fit with the founders of the movement’s idea of what was right.feminism

Four months ago on Thursday, we moved out to the ranch where my husband runs the mechanic/vehicle maintenance shop.  I’ve been a ranch wife ever since. If this is what feminism was supposed to save me from, this sense of being a true partner, the time to write, the time to think, the time to let all the garbage go from the old world… then I want them to stop trying to save me. I like it here.


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