68 – making my way back

The first physical thing that is making me marvel at the moment is that it is 5:30 in the morning and I am drinking a cup of tea. My name is Lisa – and I was a coffee addict. I’ve driven down a mountain at dawn because, at the bottom of that mountain (after taking a left and driving five more miles) was a gas station. With coffee. tea

I highly recommend, if you’re going to make that kind of upheaval, do it when you’re feeling like crap anyway.  Which I was (allergies) and even the smell of the coffee was making me nauseous. My body was trying to tell me it was poisonous by its reaction to the smell, and when I ignored that, it showed me why… and because I’m stubborn, it showed me more than once.

So, Tuesday I drank five cups of tea, yesterday was two, today, who knows, but my stomach is so very, very happy with me that I’m not shoving coffee down it that I feel quite sunny.  Even though the allergies are still kind of sucking.

The second physical thing – I’m off all medications except some antihistamine for my allergies. When I left work in October, I was on four prescriptions and a half dozen OTC drugs for various things.  I’m down to vitamins and the antihistamine. I’ll be going back to the doc to get tested in a couple weeks, just to make sure I’m OK–but I’m feeling better every day.

Third and final physical thing – I’m back up to working out two days, taking a day off. Before the allergies laid me down, I was at 90 minutes of full-out effort on the Nordic Track, another half-hour to 45 minutes walk with Daysie. Back up to 65, and inching back upwards.

First and only mental thing – wrote the first creative thing yesterday that I’ve written in a long, long time, “The Voices of Solitary Things.” Such a relief to know that part of my brain still works.


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