66 – happy husband, happy wife

Yesterday afternoon, I walked up to Corey’s shop with Daysie, and stuck around for the five o’clock Friday, drink a beer and BS about the work week conversation. Enjoyed a couple hours of that, and Daysie got introduced to Corey’s fellow managers.  She’s a sociable little critter, made a good impression. Well, except for the fact that she peed on Corey’s shop floor. Trying not to grin about that, but it was a little funny.

I love seeing Corey happy–and I think part of his happiness is that he does not get met with a litany of MY stressful day the minute he walks in from work. Until last October, Cor had never known me when I was not in a stressful job. He was in stressful work situations as well–and I hope I helped him in those conversations as much as he helped me with mine. He struggled with the same things I struggle with (and everyone else most likely). Not worth naming them–the commonalities are obvious, and the specifics aren’t relevant.

At one level, his work stressors haven’t changed.  What HAS changed is how he deals with the same situations he and I have always dealt with. A situation that would have had him coming home with fists clenched five years ago now earns a shrug and a smile, and the conversation moves on. The stories are the same–it’s just the ending is different.

tuggingI do tend to poke at things to figure out the why, and I don’t think you can overestimate the impact of our being debt-free–we are both eminently employable people, and not afraid to take on any job.  The combination of that with not owing anyone means that any job that either of us is doing now is our choice. It helps you approach everything quite differently when the playing field is level.

Another major factor is that he’s working out of doors most of the time–something that made him enormously happy in his job in Coos Bay, as well. He often worked on the tugboats, throwing lines for the big chip ships as they came in and out of the bay, and the days he was tugging were the days he came home smiling every time.

Whatever the reasons, I’ll spare you the lengthy list, This is a happy place, and the next few years are going to be an adventure of no small proportions. Onward and upward!


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