57 – getting to know Tyler

Tyler Webb has taken over our house and smiled his way into my heart.

Riding on the four-wheeler with Grandpa… very slowly… 🙂

He is two and a half years old, with all that entails, crying if you make him take a bath, ticked off if Mickey isn’t turned on fast enough for his liking, angelic when he’s asleep, and laughing the rest of the time.

His presence in her life has matured our daughter past anything I would have believed. She is patient with him, this girl who had no patience at all when I met her. She loves him more than she’s ever loved anyone, I think.  It shows with her every step, every word.

Little boy with bucket–the opposite of a still-life…

And since Kelsey is a mom, and she calls ME mom, that would make me a grandma… and had you asked me four years ago if I wanted to be, I would have said, “No! Not yet! I’m not ready.” Babies acknowledge no limitations, so, ready or not, here he came into all our lives.

A beautiful  February day in West Texas…

They’re here for a while, staying with us on the ranch, though not long enough, and even the ginky moments will be treasured.

He’s a pretty awesome little boy.  So much joy in one tiny package that it breaks your heart and then heals it right up in the next breath. We haven’t seen enough of him, but that’s the military for you.  You learn to be grateful for any time you can get.

swordfight with Grandpa's tools
Sword fight with Grandpa’s tools.

The mom that he talks to about Cilfford the Big Red Dog and laughs with and has sword fights with, and that he runs to is a soldier and a single parent, and has made a life for the two of them where he’s safe, happy and cherished.  It shows.

If the Beatles were right and “All You Need is Love,” then this little boy has all he will ever need.

Pretty amazing for a grandma who was told 30 years ago that she would never have a child of her own.  The old ache is gone, the empty space is filled with laughter and a little boy’s voice saying, “Hey! Gam-maw!”  Got to go.


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