56 – waiting… writing… wibble-wobble

The wibble-wobble referred to in the title is how my knees feel as I wait for my daughter to call to let us know she’s on her way from Dallas/Fort Worth to our little corner of West Texas.  I know I’m just projecting my fear from my car accident six weeks ago onto her ability to drive here, and added to that fear is the fact that I KNOW she’s jet-lagged, I remember the exhaustion and odd sleep hours for a week or so. I’m also projecting my fear of her totaling her car only a month before I had my wreck, when she reached for a water bottle on the floor and rolled it.

On the plane on the way home to us, my beautiful daughter and amazing grandson...
On the plane on the way home to us, our beautiful daughter and amazing grandson…

I also have to remember that, at 23, okay almost 23, she’s got more energy than I’ve had in exactly 30 years. No, I wasn’t 30 when I had her–I was 48, actually. And almost 49 by the time we got our son back.

There is also the fact that, with Tyler in the car, she is a careful and conscientious driver.

It’s such an amazing thing, and I continually marvel, that the two I call my children have only been in my life for five years.  And still, I call them that because they are my children.  They call me Mom.  So, by a unanimous vote (my husband included), I’m a mom. All those years I fooled myself into believing I didn’t have a maternal bone in my body–and here I am a grandma.  And happy about it.  Who knew?

I’m afraid to get in the shower or go outside and walk for fear she’ll call at that exact moment (and she will, she has impeccable timing for missing us when we’re at home.)  Unfortunately, my cell phone doesn’t work out here on the ranch, either.  All things considered, I may just run into town and hope she calls my cell while I’m there.  Off to the shower, and carrying the phone handset in there with me.  Well, not WITH me, I’ll leave it outside the shower.

My son told me once that he knew it was my job to worry, and that I did a very good job of it.  Out of the mouths of babes.  Hitting the shower now.  Keep a good thought for safe travel for my kid and her kid. Because I worry.

PS: They got here about 9:30 last night, safe and sound, and are off now to town, which is much more exciting than the ranch. At least it is for Kels–Tyler got to sit in big trucks, tractors, four-wheelers, a bulldozer, so for a little boy, it’s the best theme park EVER.  The two are off to town, and I’m off to take a nap. Don’t judge me.


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