51 – finally forgiven

I seldom ACTUALLY laugh out loud when I comment on a text or a video, or an image with the shorthand LOL.  It would be closer to a small snort with a nose exhalation.  “Hmh” kind of thing.  My husband who also makes that sound, and knows that sound, will often say “what?” Our personal shorthand for “Go ahead and show it to me, I know you have something funny up on your laptop screen.”  So kind of a “snort out loud,” or SOL, if you like, which attains hitherto unknown depths of its own irony. 😀

It appears, though, that I have finally forgiven myself my recent assisted exit from the high tech biz world… because this video honestly made me LOL.  More than once.  This is a capsule version of so many of the conference calls I lived through–and because I worked remotely, I was on as many as eight of these every single day, for days on end.  If you’ve ever wondered what a conference call is like, this is what it’s like. You’re welcome.

With warmest regards from an escapee,
Moving on,


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