49 – hubris, hangtime and bread

I know it’s a little weird that so much of this blog has centered around baking bread… but it’s come to symbolize something for me–the things I do because I know that I don’t just want to do them, I NEED to do them for myself. And for my husband–we bought bread last week for the first time in a month.  Right after his first bite of the sandwich made with store-bought bread, he asked when I was going to start baking again.  I promised him I would when the bread that we bought was finished.

So, since there was just enough bread left to get through yesterday, knowing I’d be making bread this morning, I took yesterday OFF.  And I do mean off–it was the first day where I did nothing. And I mean, sitting in front of the TV watching Season 6 episode after episode of Law and Order, Criminal Intent, and crocheting mindlessly, absorbed in the stories in front of me. When you go on a Netflix bender, you only have like 20 seconds in between shows to run to the potty, grab another glass of iced tea and get back on the loveseat.

When Corey came in at lunch, he made his sandwich and brought it in to watch a little with me, and then went back out again before the next episode started.  About 4:30, I finally dragged myself off the loveseat, jumped in the shower, then went in the kitchen and washed all the dishes, then back to the living room to start another episode, which was where I was when he got home from work about 5:15. I put the episode on pause, put the rice together for dinner. Recipe departure for anyone who’s never cooked rice, skip to the next paragraph if you know how…

Rice for Two:

  • One cup of any rice–I prefer white long grain, but all the white ones cook pretty much the same.
  • Two cups of liquid–can be chicken stock, if you want it a little savory, water if you want it to be just a neutral side dish that you can eat with gravy or a cheese sauce.
  • One tablespoon of butter
  • Put rice, liquid and butter into a saucepan with a lid that fits well.
  • Put on medium to high heat until it comes to a boil.
  • Move to a burner at the back of the stove that you’ve got on low heat, and leave it alone for 20 minutes–don’t open the lid to check on it, just leave it alone! (My kind of side dish.)
  • Turn the burner off, if it’s gas, or move the pan off the heat if you’re on an electric stove.

After the 20 minutes, you can fluff it with a fork to eat it immediately if everything else is ready.  It will also wait for 5 or 10 minutes without too much change in the rice, if everything’s not ready yet. NOTE: These directions DO NOT WORK for wild rice or brown rice, which need a much longer cooking time, some of them up to 45 minutes.  Check the package while you’re still in the store…

And now… back to my story.

Well, never mind, making the rice was pretty much the highlight of my whole day. I’m tempted to mourn those hours I’ll never get back again, hours where I could have been writing the book that wins the Pulitzer Prize.

Or not.

Some days are just days.  Trying to learn how to relax.

But today, I’m making bread.  Because I want to.  Once you’ve moved over to making your own, store-bought tastes chalky and ick.  Plus, I get a lot of my aggression out in the kneading… 😀  You can find the last scaled-down bread recipe I used at 41 – Sunday morning is the next best thing.

Have a great Wednesday, yo, and best regards from the domestic front,



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