48 – Sunday morning coming down

If you listened to country music growing up, the title of this post started a tune in your head… I’ve always felt it was one of the most mournful songs ever, in any genre–Kris Kristofferson wrote it, Johnny Cash sang it…you can hear it here, if you don’t remember it.

clouds used to symbolize blue-sky thinking, now it's about where your stuff is stored... for me, it's both
clouds used to symbolize blue-sky thinking, now it’s about where your stuff is stored… for me, it’s both

That’s exactly how I don’t feel.  Not sure why it was in my head.

This is Sunday… I’ve got the washer and dryer going, can hear them from my office space… my second cup of coffee is nearly empty, the tippity-tap of the keys gets yet another song stirring on the soundtrack that underlies my life these days. Our biggest chore to finish today is hanging up pictures, clocks, the TV, and so on.

Corey and I have done an awful lot of talking over the last few weeks, as I’ve gotten the Views & Reviews website up and running. Am I going the right direction?  Good grief, I don’t know. But, I’m going to stop picking at it and just do it…Corey is handing me on a plate the best possible opportunity to work for myself, to do what I choose instead of what I must.

Oh, I’ve tried before–I started a technical writing company in 1996 with a college friend, ended that as I left Las Vegas when I graduated. Started my own web design company in 2002 but couldn’t support our house payments on the salary my ex was making, so had to branch out into consulting. Started a bookselling business in 2006 that ended ignominiously, a casualty of my divorce. None of them were failures as such, they just didn’t end up being raging successes–other than the first one, and its success was more to my partners’ credit than mine.

However, as Corey reminded me yesterday, my consulting work is the reason we are where we are–I don’t have to make money right now, because we were able to pay everything off while I was working.

So, here I sit trying to figure out what I must do, when I need to figure out what I WANT to do.  I want to write book reviews.  I want people to read them and decide for themselves whether to go buy the book–if they use my links, that fine, but I don’t depend on those links to make a buck.  I want to review what’s interesting, not what’s selling most.  I want people to believe me when I say that none of my reviews are paid for… I won’t review something to make a buck.

In the e-publishing world, it’s getting harder and harder to trust what you read–but you can trust what I write. That’s what I want to do, and that’s what I’m going to do.

Back down from the cloud now, I think I’ll go change the laundry over. Happy Sunday, my peeples…


Image courtesy of Levy News Network.


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