47 – working hard, doing what I love

logo for the new website
logo for the new website

Just finished my third review for Views & Reviews by Lisa C Hannon, my new website.  Had two mini-epiphanies today.

First–I read, have always read, voraciously.  I’m kind of a reading omnivore–I’ll read most anything, although I tend to draw some lines.  I don’t read scary stuff–but I have read more than one Stephen King novel.  I don’t read children’s lit… pretty much because I don’t have to, and that’s that.  I didn’t read 50 Shades of Grey – I read a couple of pages in the bookstore, and it was truly horrible writing, so I put it to the side and never thought of it again.

But, to get to my point–what I’m setting up here, if the website works, is a job whereby I read for a living. And then I write about what I read.  Holy crap, Batman.  Reading for a living would be AWEsome.

Second mini-epiphany… remember writing book reports in school?  Everybody hated them, except me.  Loved ’em. Never told anybody that, it would have been unforgivably geeky, and I hung out with the geeky girls.  But  I loved ’em. Early training for something that gives me great hope.  There are a lot of people I love and have loved that don’t read for relaxation or fun. I’ve never understood how they can do without it.  It’s like breathing for me, I always have at least one book in progress, often as many as three or four.

So, visit Views & Reviews if you like, but if you’re not a reader, it won’t be too fascinating for you. If you are a reader, though, let me know what you think, please!

Wish me luck.  It’s certainly worth a try.


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