40 – bed building

We’ve got a few more pieces to make, and the hall tree was actually larger than the bed, as it was 96″ long and 72″ tall – 8 ft x 6 ft, and the bed is about 84×64.  The bed went together fast, and was done to the design in Corey’s head, so no drawings for this one. I helped out verbally, and by handing things and standing on things and bracing other things, but this one was pretty much his from start to finish. Well, except for sanding. I did a lot of sanding. Oh, and staining, I did all the staining. So apparently I wasn’t completely useless. 😀

The frame for the bed was built pretty much like a short wall - the space for the mattress needed to be 80 x 60, and since everything is going to go around this frame and attach to it, that's the size Corey made for it. Here, he's putting one of the legs on.
The frame for the bed was built pretty much like a short wall – the space for the mattress needed to be 80 x 60, and since everything is going to go around this frame and attach to it, that’s the size of the frame. He’s putting one of the legs on in this picture.
Closer view here of one of the legs – they’re just one 2×4 set edge on to another, easy and very sturdy. To decide on the heighth, we measured a comfortable chair height for me, which is about 20 inches.  We decided to make it a bit higher than that, at 22 inches. The mattress is ten inches high, and would be sitting one inch above the legs, due to the slats that are holding it up.  That put the legs at 11 inches high.
Finished frame, with all four legs installed – they should just be balanced from one end to another – all the short sides should face one way, etc.
The headboard is almost finished here. – 2x4s on the left side, right side, and at the top give something to fasten the tongue and groove boards to with finish nails. After the boards were fit together and nailed to the frame he built for them, he used finishing nails to add a 1×6 on the top–it extends about three inches over each side 2×4, and is flush with the back of the top 2×4 of the frame.  This gives the headboard some depth and interest, so it’s not just a bunch of boards thrown together. 🙂
Here, you can see the best sanding job ever (jk!) and the rear view of the headboard, There are bracing pieces fastened securely to the frame at the bottom (the right one has some yellow paint on it, as you can see. These are just scrap lumber from other cuts . They are used to secure the side boards securely to the bed frame. Then, each side is also covered with 1×6 pieces to match the top 1×6. Finishing nails are used on the outside board, to make them less obvious once it’s stained.  You’ll note the side 1x6s are not touching the ground.  This won’t be obvious on carpet, but will keep the weight of the bed on the legs, as they are attached to the frame much more strongly than the side 1×6.
Here you can see the finished piece of furniture, with all rails, slats, headboard and built-in end tables.  Because it was built in pieces, it was pretty easy to take apart and then put back together in the bedroom.  The slats in center aren’t stained, and don’t need to be fastened down. The reason there are so many more, and they’re so much wider is because this frame is going to accommodate a mattress only, no box spring necessary.  Everything is made out of white pine, and the stain is Special Walnut – found one can at Wal-Mart and one can at McCoy’s lumber.
The complete bed! It is only 22-23 inches off the floor at the top of the bed, so is one of the few that I’ve ever been able to sit down on, rather than climb up on. Love it!



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