39 – looking forward minus resolutions

I don’t do resolutions. Not even the old joke about resolving not to create resolutions. As far as I can see, they just set me up for tiny bits of depressing failure, one at a time. Bleah. Who needs that? Plenty of chances for that without creating new ones, you know? So, no resolutions.

best wishes for an amazing year to come, filled with bright and shining moments and joy that takes your breath away.
best wishes for an amazing year to come, filled with bright and shining moments and breathtaking joy, leavened with contentment, peace and calm.

Please note, I did, once upon a time, earnestly make resolutions. At least, I think I did. When we accidentally flooded the basement in the 5th wheel trailer, the only casualty was a cardboard box filled with 30+ years of journals. Believe me, they weren’t interesting reading, even for me.  The minutiae of a life that was so different than the one I lead now are gone, washed away by circumstance, but largely unmourned. Ten years ago, that would have been cause for tears–now, a shrug. Moving on.

Only one journal survived the flood. When we left Fort Stockton two years after our marriage, one of the things we took along was a leather-covered book–a birthday gift from Corey a month before our departure.  The dedication inside says, “Happy Birthday. As we begin our new journey, I want to give you a blank book for you to fill as we continue on in our new life. Love you always. Corey.” And, on the first page, he started it for me. “May 27th, 2011 – we have left Fort Stockton.” That was the one journal that wasn’t in the storage compartment of the House McNugget. Now here we are full circle–back in Fort Stockton. OK, near Fort Stockton.

I mentioned a bit ago that my end-of-year exercise in taking stock of my life is a “looking back – looking forward” list as the year turns over. The looking back part of the list I put together at the beginning of December, TTAADD 29, and just finished updating.  That list was easy, just flipped through that one surviving journal. It covers 2011-2013–not that I was good at keeping it up while I was working–but like writing this blog, it’s much easier to keep up without a job to distract me. 🙂

Looking forward is always tougher, especially when there are tons of variables. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  • Seeing our kids for the first time in more than a year! Daughter Kelsey and grandson, Tyler, will be coming to see us, as will our son John, in the spring–unfortunately, not at the same time. Haven’t seen either one of them, or grandson Tyler, since July 2012. Luckily, since they are kind of camera hos (you know you are) we have had  lots of pictures to fill the gap. 😀 Hundreds of ’em.
  • Finishing furnishing the house at the ranch, now officially named “The Home on the Range.”
  • Settling the claim for the car I wrecked–got a call yesterday, and it is totaled, and the payment before deductible was literally only a few dollars short of what we paid for the car. Sweet.
  • Deciding whether to keep or sell the House McNugget–anyone need a 28.5 foot, 5th-wheel trailer?
  • Paying off the truck–the only debt we have, and deciding its fate, whether to keep or sell.
  • Deciding what’s next up for me – we have to keep me, can’t sell me, but my time is certainly for rent! 🙂
    • so many possibilities:
      • Start freelancing, or
      • Write fiction, or
      • Write nonfiction in the arena I’m passionate about, communication, or
      • Perform the research to underpin potential app development project with my old business partner, or
      • Take on some virtual consulting projects, or
      • Talk to the folks that run the ranch about working for them in some capacity, or
      • a reasonable combination of any number of the above, or
      • something I have yet to even consider…

Happy New Year, folks. Hope 2014 is filled with possibility and promise for you!



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