38 – furniture and all

Designed on Excel - drop the cell width to approximately the same as the height, and it's essentially electronic graph paper... you can only build with a 45-degree angle (using borders), but it at least gives you someplace to start.  Completed, this will be 8 feet long and six feet high. :)
Designed on Excel.

Well, we had to get help to move it in, but the hall tree I mentioned in post 35 – Christmas Eve, was finished up this weekend.  And, like all my designs, this one changed in the making.  Shown here are the original design and Corey sitting on the finished piece.

He did an amazing job of taking my design as a starting place, as he always does.  As you can see by the picture, the back boards now run the entire length of the piece (one reason it is so heavy, but well worth it).  The side tables changed from two levels to one, and the bracing board that runs the length of the front was trimmed by adding a 1×6 board on top, and then matched on the ends to bring it all together.  It is built of white pine, and we stained it in walnut.

It makes us both feel as if we accomplished something over this holiday – and now, I get to take some of the old doors that they removed from the house and see if I can repurpose them into something–possibly a headboard, possibly an entertainment center if there’s enough, we’ll see.  That one will be designing around the materials, rather than the other way around.

Completed hall tree  after Corey finished it - I basically handed him the tools as he needed them.
Completed hall tree after Corey finished it – I basically handed him the tools as he needed them.

One of my favorite parts of these things is, honestly, building it together.  We consult on each piece, on each change, and come up with the best possible way to make it work and make it look like we wanted to.  Oh, and by the way, stopped in the local furniture seller to see if they had anything comparable.  They did have a hall tree–it was lovely, storage in the seat, but no place to put the stuff you always have in your pockets.  It was also maybe half this size in width.  It was $1,298.  All the lumber and hardware to build this and the closet organizer that we built Christmas Eve was $235.  We figured $65 of that went into the organizer, leaving this at about $170.  The cost was about 13% of the smaller one that was available.


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