34 – moving again… and Santa Claus

Saturday morning – 4 a.m.

Worked my butt off since Tuesday morning piss-anting all our belongings from the House McNugget to the big house. It is truly amazing how much we were able to fit into that little tin can… and that was with three-quarters of our stuff given to Goodwill! Honestly can remember only a very few things that went in those three massive truckloads of stuff that are now being sold to assist the good people of Coos Bay, Oregon.  We sold all the furniture to the folks that bought the house, and with two living room sets, an office, tons of bookcases, two bedroom sets, and everything else, it would have required a monster U-Haul to get it here.

We kept the things that mattered – pictures, keepsakes from the kids, we just collapsed them.  All the pictures we had on the wall of the Coos Bay house went into an album that’s packed away in a box, thereby saving tons of weight and room without frames—that kind of thing.

Am writing this while out of touch… once Corey’s up, which could well be 9 or 9:30, we’ll be driving into Fort Stockton.  Went up to the ranch gate yesterday to connect up to the Internet through my cellphone hotspot, and didn’t get half of what I needed to do done.  Also had to call about a bill, and ended up utterly peed off at the phone company from Coos Bay, who are STILL billing us.  You can’t make people understand anything outside of what their computer says in front of their face.  I gave up trying, paid the eighty-seven dollars, and hopefully I will never have to talk to them again.  Them being the phone company that starts with an F. Appropriate.  The company with the Death Star logo has certainly made me crazy in the past (starts with an A and ends with two Ts, but they got nothing on this bunch.

I would like to say that being out of touch has been good for me—but honestly, it’s just been frustrating.  Don’t take this wrong, but it’s kind of like when someone you love very much and talk to daily is gone… without the devastating grief, of course.  I cannot count the times I’ve thought “I’ll look that up and see what’s up…” and been reminded that I cannot.  It’s this constant thought barrage.  “Wonder what the weather’s going to do today.” “How do you make ganache?” “How do you spell ganache?” “How many calories in ganache?”

I miss “talking” to my kids over IM, I miss seeing our daughter’s latest hundred photos of our grandson. I miss the Weather Channel.  I miss our son’s rather quirky sense of humor. With no phone yet (well, we’ve got one, but no one knows what the number is, and you can’t call out to any number that is’nt local. Or any cell number, which it considers to be long distance. 🙂 I miss being able to reach out to my best friend… She’s in Montana, and we haven’t lived in the same state since 1988 or so, so the phone is how we’ve conducted most of our friendship.  By the way, can’t call my kids on the cellphone – one’s in Germany, one’s in Kuwait, so that’s a no-go. And we don’t get a cell signal at the house anyway – even hooked up the booster.

We are also reduced to watching previously recorded shows on the DVR until we can get satellite TV hooked up… and Corey misses the news.  Well, he misses Fox News.  I refuse to have an opinion about Fox News. Especially after that woman got up and said “Santa Claus is white, he’s always been white,” and that black people shouldn’t try to portray him as a black man. This was the last thing I watched on the news before we went off the grid, and crap like that is why I seldom watch the news.

Pushing to the side all the arguments about who and what color St. Nicholas was, Santa Claus is FICTIONAL.  Most people figure out or are told that he is a myth by the time they are five or six years old. Stupidity runneth rampant, and the goobers have taken over the world, I swear.  Good time to be insulated by ten miles of geography between us and the nearest two-lane, paved highway.

Don’t mean to only go on about being disconnected.  Really love this place.  Realized that my husband’s and my dislike for carpet is because of how much we’ve pulled out of various houses.  Especially the houses where they had incontinent dogs, cats or humans—looking under used carpet is a lesson in ick beyond all measure.  But all this carpet is brand new – never been used by anyone, and oh, it’s soft and warm under bare feet.  It’s been quite wonderful after three months in a tin can with vinyl floors. In the winter. I was actually even wearing socks to bed in the House McNugget, something I’ve never done in my life. My feet were always cold.

I’ve barely been able to get outside, there’s been so much to do since we got here on Tuesday, but I am finally getting the house in good enough order that it doesn’t make my head hurt to walk in.  There’s chaos in the workroom at the front, but it’s slowly getting better.  The kitchen’s in quite good shape.  Corey figured out a way to rig a plug for the bathtub, which made him very, very happy.

Anyway, I’m off to the races, got stuff I want to get straightened out before the man gets up, and want to get a closet organizer designed to give us some storage in one of the big closets at the back of the house.  (Note: 1:30 pm: finished designing it this morning, lumber’s in the truck, now we just have to build it.)

1:30 pm: Sitting at the library in town right now, pushing all this up for publication, and may not get another chance to publish before the holiday.  Hope your Christmas is all you want it to be… and that your Santa Claus is whatever color you choose her to be–yeah, you never considered a female one, didja.  Huh.  🙂

Warmest regards in these longest days of winter…


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