29 – looking back

Every year, I put together two lists–one looking back at the year past, one looking forward at the year to come. Looking back is always easy; looking forward is a little harder to put together, especially in an uncertainty-filled life.

So, for the beginning of my lists, I did try to get it in vaguely chronological order…

Looking back on 2013:

  • Started the year at the Hannon reunion near Phoenix, Arizona, recovering from December surgery. Glad to be alive.
  • Finally saw the tip end of the Northwestern US; we drove up and around the Olympic Peninsula.
  • Paid off my student loan that had been hanging over my head since 1995, as well as all other debt. Yeeha!
  • Flew out to Ladies’ Campout in June at Emory Campground on the Hungry Horse Reservoir, just outside Glacier National Park, Montana (whatever happens there stays there–apparently I invented a new word. :))
  • Corey and I were able to explore Tennessee, East, West and Northeast, in July, and got to meet three of the folks that work for me (in Raleigh, NC) and my peer managers (in Atlanta, GA).
  • Bought the House McNugget (2003 Cougar 5th wheel trailer) and remodeled it from the floor up.
  • Sold the Coos Bay house to the Bracelins – such amazing people.
  • Survived pneumonia in August, and survived Cisco long enough to garner severance pay when I was laid off four days before we went completely mobile.
  • Since we could now travel whenever we chose, snagged the chance to see Cor’s sister, stay a week with Barb and Chris, and then see my baby sister for the first time in more than three years.  So good to see her happy.
  • Landed near Bobbi and Patrick, stayed at Baffin Bay for a week–until Corey went to work for a family friend.  Didn’t work out, but did get us back to Fort Stockton.
  • Final payment from Corey’s divorce agreement sent to his ex in November… done!
  • Cor started his new job at the ranch on Dec. 2nd.
  • Survived totaling the Lincoln TownCar on Dec. 9th
  • Moved out to the ranch on Dec. 17
  • Built two large pieces of furniture for the house on the ranch
  • First New Year’s Eve at the ranch.

The year in review, travel-wise…



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