28 – scenarios, side notes and laundry

Spent Thanksgiving with the brother- and sister-in-law, was glad to be there, glad to hug some family that we love, and glad to come back to the House McNugget*, which we left parked in the RV park.

I was pretty quiet coming back, to the point that Corey noticed it and ask me about it… and yes, he does read this blog.  Hi, honey! Mostly, my fertile brain was turning over a number of possibilities in the seven-hour car ride back to Fort Stockton.

Side note: The reasons we bought the used car that we did were all made quite clear in driving down to South Texas and back.  Cruise control for that kind of driving is nearly a necessity. You can do without it, but it really does make it a LOT easier. For my husband.  I didn’t drive. 😀

Anyway, so I’m turning over scenarios in my mind every minute that I’m awake (most comfortable car to sleep in EVER).  Don’t know if you do that, but I always have. Snoozed twice, and both times, woke up in the middle of the plot.  Evidently, Britni* was first up, because the programs ranged from wondering if I had enough quarters to get the laundry done today all the way up to being recruited by almost anyone as a division manager for almost anything, almost anywhere.  My cheerleader alter ego gets a titch overheated when it comes to speculative futures.

I’ve always figured this kind of mental activity just keeps me from being surprised by events.  When I was married to the ex, I buried him about once a month.  Seriously, the scenario would lead off with him being already dead, and I’m greeting people at the funeral home, including his mama, who pretty much hated me anyway, and then I would skip right to throwing the dirt on the coffin, and then getting an apartment in East Texas near my family and getting a dozen cats.  Those scenarios started about the time he had a “cardiac event” at 47.  The man did not drink, smoke, dip, chew or anything interesting, and still ended up having a heart attack and having a stent put in to keep the blood flowing. I’m happy to report that he is, to my knowledge, still alive.

My sis told me some years later that she decided it was time to leave her husband when she started hoping he had driven off a cliff on the way home.  Apparently, wishful thinking and scenario playing are kinda tightly wound.

This Little Pig
This Little Pig

So, back to the stories I tell myself–the tape that was playing when I woke up this morning was the one where I write a best seller, and then settle into writing for a living, while residing quietly at the ranch where my husband will be working. Oh, yes, and getting in shape, losing weight, and photographing the flora and fauna of West Texas for yet another book.

Side note:  If you’re too young to remember “tape,” it’s essentially this brown plastic stuff that wound around reels and… oh, never mind.  Think of it like recording a show on the DVR while you’re sleeping and playing it back later once you wake up.

Not sure about the best seller bit, though I do have a sequel in mind for “This Little Pig,” which I’m trying to get edited, along with everything else. The book cover is at right, but not linked at the moment, until I can get it in good enough shape to go back up on Amazon as a Kindle selection. I’ve also got two non-fiction books already begun over the years, which may or may not be worth returning to, and then there’s my autobiography.  Some might THINK it’s fiction, but you just can’t make up stuff like that. You can, however, get sued for stuff like that, so that’s one I’m going to have to send to a lawyer first. 🙂 

Anyway, the husband is up and around, and it’s time to finish at least one of the scenarios, where I get the laundry done.  Low-hanging fruit, you know.  Advice for today, if you get dismayed by long to-do lists, pick one that you can finish quickly and successfully, and it’s actually fulfillable–which I’m pretty sure isn’t a word, but you know what I mean. Yes, I am that person who makes out a to-do list and always puts one at the top that I’ve already completed.  So now, I can check off, “write blog post for TTAADD* today.”

Have a grand day, my peeples… 😀


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