26 – thundersnow

One of the many reasons we left Oregon is that the perpetual damp chill was making both of us ache in every joint, particularly in the winter.  So, we headed for West Texas, which is drier, sunnier and warmer in all seasons.  Or at least, that was how we remembered it.

And it was proving out to be just that, at 79 degrees on Friday, Nov. 22.  We were running the air conditioner most of the day, as the House McNugget was about ten degrees hotter than it was outside.

However, by the time I got out of the house yesterday morning-about 10 am on Saturday morning–all my car windows were iced up. And, it just got colder and wetter all day long.

Then last night, we had what was a first for me, a “thundersnow.” thundersnowWhich is exactly what it sounds like. It never came closer than about five miles, but the terrain is so open here that there’s little to deflect the sound wave of the thunder or the light show that provokes it. Unfortunately, eight people have already died due to this storm–and as I peek out at traffic headed southeast and northwest on the Interstate, I seriously doubt that they will be the last.

So, for today, we are in the House McNugget and not going anywhere. My greatest ambition is to get my husband to assist in trekking the laundry over to the laundromat here at the RV park.  Then back to curl up with a good book or some old movies.  

Note to my East Coasties – it’s headed your way – you might want to leave earlier than you planned for your Thanksgiving dinner. Be safe, people, this is a heck of a storm. Time for that third cup of coffee…The thaw is supposed to start late tonight, early Monday morning. See you then… 🙂


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