25 – bouncing back

My alter-ego Brittany has, apparently, bounced back from the layoff news, and has returned to her insanely cheerful outlook. I can tell, because she’s decided that she needs another “i” in her name so she can draw more hearts over them when she signs her name to the latest office birthday memo.  She also says she needs one less “t,” because “it’s such an aGRESSive letter, just totally non-positive, you know?” She will be referring to herself as “Britni” in future.

Virtual Band-Aids  for virtual healing?
Uttering healing mantras and a virtual X marks the spot of the owie.

Yesterday was one month post-layoff date, and am finally catching up on my reading. Been perusing the webrary, flitting around from topic to topic.  Nothing off-limits, have ranged through many, many subjects.  Often, in following pig-trails through my research interests (virtual environment’s impact on human communication) the information I find there has supplemented my own healing process. Reading as much as I can is also taking on an urgency, because I don’t know how much longer I’ll have time to do so.

There has been some interest in my qualifications–it may come to nothing, but having someone interested in me has been of enormous help in my bounce back to my sunnily-sarcastic self. At that link, they also talk about research results showing that those who’ve been through traumatic events are actually stronger and faster to recover than people without that history.

Works for me.


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