19 – third time’s a charm

I’ve got two drafts for different posts out there hovering. The first was trauma-drama around the layoff, writing all the ways that being laid off sucks.  This is not news to most people, but apparently it was to me.

The second was around the fact that, while you can and probably should write those emails/posts that tell people exactly what you think of their actions, etc., you should never, ever actually hit send or publish to share your angst with the culprits that you’ve picked out.

Since I have just captured their messaging in one sentence each, then I’m thinking that I wrote too much around both subjects.

So, for today, only two observations:  biggerhammer

  • Finish what you start–this third post is hopefully a charm, I’m tired of writing these today.
  • Take yourself lightly–the world does not believe that you are all that.

And one link: Steve Blank has written a post on LinkedIn about his first job titled Fired and Rehired on Day 1.  I did not link to it because of the natural link between being fired and laid off.

I linked to it because there was one section heading that absolutely caught my eye.

“Congratulations, You’re Now in Charge of Your Life.”

It’s been many, many years since I’ve felt that I was in charge of my own life.

Oh SNAP, this is going to be fun. 🙂


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