16 – stood up, laid off and gone

For those of you who are new, the Trials and Tribulations of the AADD is a decidedly irregular, slightly cranky, semi-sideways peek at what goes on inside my head… and the AADD part of it stands for Adult Attention Deficit Dis–look! Squirrel!

To my old friends who are not new to TTADD, I got caught up in the reduction, reorganization, restructuring, cost-trimming, pink sliprevenue creating, “surgical”  layoffs at Cisco. Pick an adjective.  That whole dismissal of “just five percent” becomes 100 percent if it’s you.  And, this time, it was me.

I am in good company.  A number of seriously talented people were caught by surprise on this one.  There were also the random goober-nuts, troublemakers, and HR risks caught up in it, too, but that’s one pity party I will not be attending, thankyouverymuch.

Honestly, much of my sympathy on this one goes to the ones who were not involved in the decision of who should go, and must still deal with the problems left behind. OK, not loads of sympathy, since they still have a job, but sympathy nonetheless. On this side of the table, we know what has to happen next. We just have to tighten our belts, cowboy up, and kick the job search into high gear. On that side of the table, they don’t.  Many are expected to do the same amount of work with fewer people, and no assurance whatsoever that their own job is permanent.  And, bluntly, with the uncertainty that is dogging Cisco employment at the moment, I suspect that many will be looking for other opportunities.

Many of you are aware that my husband and I were in the process of going completely mobile anyway, so for us, the timing was fortuitous (word for the day!).  We signed the papers to sell our house less than a week before the layoffs were announced.  He worked his last day on his job on Oct. 3, and we left Oregon on Oct. 5.  So here we sit in my best friend’s yard, in Montana, in a tiny little house that is completely ours. The temperature outside is 36 degrees… and that’s warmer than when I got up.  I believe we’ll be headed south on Sunday…


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