15 – breathing and all

Ahhh… I can breathe again. If you follow me on Facebook at all, you may know that I’m just getting over pneumonia. Took a solid week off work–still don’t know if it was just the recent traveling, the stress of work impacting my immune system, could be either or both. Ended sickup being a little scary. Not because I got worse; I didn’t – the antibiotics did the job. Scary because there was no fever, nothing but a cough that I couldn’t shake and feeling like crap on a cracker. The doc’s office sent me for an x-ray just to rule pneumonia out, and it ended up ruling it IN. Freaky-deaky. Better now (swear). Not A-1, but at least B-3. Not feeling like a million bucks, but up past a hundred thousand. Another week and I’ll be fighting fit. So glad I quit smoking over a year ago.

You may remember an old, old song from Merle Haggard, “If we make it through December, got plans to be in a warmer town come summertime.” Well that is my seque to the next phase of mine and Cor’s life, now that we are empty nesters.

We are in the midst of planning and fulfilling plans to go wholly mobile. Just before I went down for the count, I started a new blog. “A new blog!” you say… “Yes,” says I. While it’s not great literature, that’s not what I was shooting for anyway. The blog is called “Going Mobile USA,” and you can find out where we started the thought process at: http://goingmobileusa.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/beginnings/. The plan now is that somewhere between Oct 31 and Thanksgiving, we will hit the road, Jack. We’re both really excited about getting everything straightened out, pared down, sold, finished, and ready to go. If we don’t make it out of Oregon by Thanksgiving, then we’ll definitely be enroute by December break, from the 23rd of December to 4 January. “Enroute to where?” you ask. “Texas, of course.”

We seriously considered South Dakota – no income taxes, no vehicle inspections, only one day of residency required to get a license, easy-sneezy. But I am not a South Dakotan. I am a Texan. I have always been a Texan. I’d rather pay to get the vehicle inspected every year than be a South Dakotan. Corey’s from Alaska, which is pretty much the same as South Dakota regulations and tax-wise… but it’s the wrong time of year to be headed thataway. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling him.

There is so much information on going mobile out there that, as much as I love research, I find myself a little overwhelmed. Most of this new blog will be me filtering and trimming that information down to something useful, both for us and for anyone who’s thinking along the same lines. Please note, were it not for my current job, which is totally virtual, with little need for more than an Internet conneciton, this wouldn’t be possible. Most people wait until they’re in their sixties and retired to make this kind of leap. But for us, since we can, well, why wait? There’s lots more to come on the blog–hopefully of interest if this ever crossed your mind as an option.

And if not, you can pretend it’s a massive terrarium and watch as the monkeys go crazy inside… your call. 🙂 Promise there will be no poo-flinging… Well, not much.



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