14 – back to the beauty of the pacific northwest

Notwithstanding the cranky air conditioning fan in the hotel room, which has a bearing or something else that was very noisy and screaming to be fixed, I slept well. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for very long…when my eyes flew open at 3 am (Eastern time) this morning, I was not going back to sleep with that noisy fan. Corey, on the other hand, is still snoring, so I’m out in the hotel lobby about to imbibe my third cup of coffee. We head for Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in a few hours, off to Portland, a two-hour layover there and a short hop to Eugene, then a two-hour drive back to Coos Bay.

Are we moving to Tennessee later in the year? It’s looking more and more likely–but there are a whole lot of dependencies. We have to sell the house (we have an interested buyer). We need to live there until Halloween, or we’ll be taxed on anything we make on the sale. So many things involved with moving again, just trying not to stress. Having Corey in my life means that the whole move isn’t left in my lap, and that is an amazing burden lifted. Logistics for things like this push every stress button I have.

And things are stressful enough–Tues/Weds/Thurs was a leadership offsite here in Atlanta. Two and a half days of intense focus on planning for our new fiscal year, which begins July 28. Tues/Weds nights, I came back to the hotel and just fell over asleep. Haven’t been much company for Corey–who’s had the chance to relax and enjoy the last few days. Again, with him around, I’ve been able to concentrate on work instead of the logistics of traveling, and that has been a gift of no small proportions.

Unfortunately, there were enough silences and avoidance of certain topics during the meetings that it raised my suspicions. I can be utterly oblivious to undercurrents if I’m focused enough–but there were so many conversations that were held in other rooms and in whispers that even I noticed. In a company where forced rankings or stacked rankings are applied (see this link for more on the subject) if you’re in a group of star performers, you’re in deep kimchi… hoping I misinterpreted things.

I’ve never met anyone who actually seems to enjoy company politics… but not being a political player is truly a handicap at this level in this company.


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