13 – traveling again

Last day of the July 4th weekend dawning cloudy, but the sun has been beaming down all week… Oregon’s rare sunny days are so amazing…

Corey will be out at about 6 pm tonight (high tide), on a tugboat escorting a ship into the bay and parking it at one of the log/chip terminals to load up – the ships are so big it literally takes DAYS to fill them to capacity.  He’s such a happy soul when he’s working outside, no matter how late or early the ships and barges need escorts.  When he’s doing more mechanic-ing than sailing, the frustration level rises, and he’s not a happy camper.

Tuesday, Corey and I fly out to check out land in central and east Tennessee–there’s no state income tax, and the land prices are amazing, half (or less than half) what they are in the rest of the US. We do know that east Tennessee, in particular, is comprised of the western foothills of the Appalachians and the Great Smoky Mountains.  It’s more than possible that the land for sale there is pretty much straight up and down without any flat spots. We’ve done tons of exploring online, but if you see one picture of a tree, you’ve seen them all… time to go see what’s there.plane

The plane flight for me is actually paid for by Cisco.  Sunday evening, the 14th, we’ll head for Raleigh, North Carolina, so I can attend a Monday morning meeting at the Cisco campus there.  After noon Monday, we’ll head south for the Cisco campus in Lawrenceville (a suburb of Atlanta) for my three-day meeting with the rest of the managers on my team and our boss. Worked with these people for three years in October, and never met any of ’em in person.Should be interesting. 🙂 Corey tells me he’s just going to sit by the pool and read all three days while I’m in meetings. On Friday, we’ll fly back to Oregon.

While I work for Cisco, and for this department, I can literally work anywhere, so there’s no problem with moving wherever we would like to go.  A part of me genuinely yearns for a home where he and I will be happy to settle and never move again. Another part of me believes that the two of us may not be done wandering.  I’ll let you know if we figure that out.


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