9 – optimism, perspective, patience, and customer service is dead

For the newly arrived, In the title of the blog, “Trials and Tribulations of the AADD,” the AADD stands for Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.  Or possibly Abba, America, the Doors and Dr. Hook (for those familiar with bands from my misspent youth). Take your pick, invent your own.

Actually took a couple days off work for my birthday, which has been good for me in any number of ways–not least because work has been uber-stressful of late.  We’re moving into another department in Cisco, and a re-organization of any department is always Chicken Little time (when in danger, or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout, the sky is falling!)

perspectiveI am reaching, these days for optimism, perspective, patience, in ascending order of how hard they are for me.  And no, they are NOT affirmations.  I put affirmations in the same mixing bowl as astrology, crystals, channeling, palm reading, and other similar ways the charlatans  winkle money out of the marks. Optimism’s easy – perspective can be fleeting – patience is tough.  I own them all, in differing strengths, just have to remind myself to use them when I need them.

It’s early now; once Corey’s up and running we’re headed down in the south Willamette Valley.  Note: pronounced Wuh-LAM-it.  They know you’re not from these parts if you pronounce it Will-uh-MET. 🙂 The cherry trees are in bloom along the coastal towns in Oregon, time to see if they’re blooming down the center of the state, between two mountain ranges.  Staying in a hotel just for one night, to cap off my birthday week…then it’s back to the grind.

Had actually hoped to leave yesterday and get a jump on our little getaway–we were just waiting on Sears to deliver the three appliances we ordered, and then maybe head down country.  Well, one thing we did not realize was that, when we ordered them, we had to specially request that they install them… and we did not do that, because they never mentioned that little fact at the store.  So they came in, dropped stuff off, picked stuff up, and left.  Had to call them back because the over-the-stove microwave was black, instead of the white one we’d ordered.  So they had to go back to the store and get a white one and bring it back.While they were gone, we began to install the under-the-counter dishwasher, and then the microwave when they brought it back.  And when I say “we” I mean Corey.  I was just there to provide the support any self-respecting village idiot.could provide.  He tells me it’s reassuring that I don’t do everything well.  I just want to know if anyone besides him is reassured.  I did install the stove – plugged it in, slid it into the slot (with Corey’s help).  So I wasn’t completely useless.

OK, either Corey’s up or a complete stranger just walked past going to the coffee maker.  I’ll assume the best… and go finish the laundry so we can get on the road.

Happy National Deep Dish Pizza  Day (April 5),  and Hospital Admitting Clerks Day and National Walk to Work Day (first Friday in April).  I walk to work every day.  One more benefit of working at home.

Tomorrow is National Love Our Children Day (as if I needed one), and Army Day, and Sunday is International Beaver Day.  I’m not going to comment on that at all.


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