7 – so what?

Life is so funny… and so amazing at the same time–and it goes around and it comes around, like the old joke… “What should you do if you’re riding on a horse as fast as you can, and there’s a lion behind you and a tiger on your left, and on your right, you suddenly see a bear?”  And the answer?  “Stop drinking and get off the merry-go-round!”merrygoround

Here’s the deal: perception is reality.  I spent a lot of last week grimmed out, slogging through work as a tortuous thing, filled with people that drive me crazy as they do stupid stuff.  Somewhere along about Thursday afternoon, I got pulled up quite sharply by a very tiny little phrase.  It echoed off the walls of the quite empty cavern my mind garage had become as parts of my brain rushed off in all directions to try to solve everything for everyone and make everything right everywhere.

And what, you ask is the amazing and magical phrase?  Ah, grasshoppa, it is good that you came to me to seek the wisdom of the elders (and if I’m younger than you, you’re getting old, OK… if I’m older than you, pay no attention to the cracks about aging. :o))

The magical phrase is: “So what?”

Here are a few of my so-what’s from this last week:

  1. So what if another manager wants to keep one of my contractors and is getting all tacky about it?  At least I have contractors working for me that are worth fighting for.
  2. So what if the junior managers are in a massive uproar about when and how to do their jobs?  Not my problem, it’s their bosses problem.
  3. So what if the brand-new program to hire contractors and pay them sucks?  At least it’s not a program I was responsible for instituting or paying for.

That’s just a few–but it’s when those petty, stupid things pile up that I start getting agitated, and it seems as if I can only see them and not the rest of my job, which is honestly  fairly awesome on a regular basis.  Weekends help–and taking off an entire day yesterday to talk to my husband and run around town and do errands and grocery shopping and NOT think about work, that made it even better.  I stepped off the merry-go-round.

Keeping that perspective at work tomorrow may be a lot harder–but I’m certainly going to try to hang on to it.

And on the personal side, I’ll be going to the surgeon on Tuesday as my last follow-up to December’s surgery–and hopefully he’ll release me to start lifting some minor weights again in a week or two.  Am up to over 45 minutes work on the elliptical and stairmaster three times last week, and starting to feel better again.  Sore–still feel like someone hit me in the midsection with a baseball bat on occasion… but I’m better.  And I think the surgery itself is what’s helping me get to that “so what” for most things.  The key answer for all the above is more like, “So what?  At least you’re not screaming your fool head off in an emergency room and about to be sliced open to see what’s killing you.”

Hopefully you won’t need something quite that profound or terrifying in order to be able to use the wisdom of the “so-what” mantra for your own… and I hear you ask me “But what if I can’t figure out what the so-what is for me?”  Well, then you know what my answer to that is going to be, right? Right. :o) So what? Ain’t no tragedy babycakes.  Just step off the merry-go-round and grab a little perspective.

Think I’ll see if I can’t get dibs on the squirrel when I jump on the merry-go-round next… seems slightly more appropriate for those with Adult Attention Deficit Dis–oooooohhh, look! shiny stuff!


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