5 – there’s no place like home

Happy New Year to my captive audience… I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for my next epistolary gem.

I seriously considered not going to the Hannon Reunion, but knew Corey wanted to see his dad, and these are usually held like every five years, so I bit the bullet and said I’d go.  Little did I know it was absolutely the best thing I could have possibly done.  Had I been at home, I would have felt obligated to pick up, clean up, do all the little things.

Here in Arizona, I’ve had sunshine, company when I want it, quiet when I need it, no cleaning to be done, and even the cooking chores have been spread across the whole family.  Everyone’s been amazing, and I haven’t lifted a finger in days.

There’s no place like home, though, and I’m itching to go back. Corey and I have been off work for two weeks as of today, and honestly, I’m kind of ready to be done and back home with my stuff.  But, I’m pretty sure I can survive two more days of sunshine here, then one night in Vegas, before going home on Friday.  It will be tough, but I can do it. 🙂

Speaking of itching, my incision’s looking great, healing nicely.  Well, “great” is kind of a relative term. Honestly, it looks like a drunken technician tried to pierce my belly button and missed like 12 times. And I am aware that if it’s itching, that means it’s healing, but I want to scratch it SO bad.

One of the things I write every year is a “Looking Back” and “Looking Forward” list. I try to write it all down at the end of each year to provide a little bit of closure for the year just past and generate a little optimism to the year to come.  There was a huge list of positive things to write for Looking Back at 2012–getting to meet our grandbaby, Tyler James, and to see his mama, Kelsey, for the first time in more than a year, John graduating from high school, basic training and tech school, me getting the permanent position at Cisco.  Those are just a few of the many, many things that made 2012 an awesome year.

Looking forward to 2013–I don’t have tons of stuff for that list yet… but looking back at other years, it seems it’s always that way, a long list of positives looking backward, and a few things to look forward to in the upcoming year. My only wish for the new year, honestly, is that we don’t change addresses before 2014.  We have moved four times in three and a half years.  That’s enough; I’m ready to stay where we are for a few years.

No New Year’s resolutions from me, either. I find them depressing, at best. But, I have to say that I think 2013 is going to see the economy making a turnaround. I honestly believe it will be an amazing year for all of us.  With that said, my hope for you is that the New Year brings you good health, much happiness, and your heart’s desire, whatever that may be.

Warmest regards,


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