2 – caffeine and kids, thanksgiving and dieting

Our son John graduated Friday from his USAF technical school, and 10 of the 27 people who entered with him did not make it through the course, so he’s definitely a cut above the rest–can’t tell I’m proud of him, can you?

Now we are officially empty-nesters–John should be stepping off his 12-hour flight to Germany about right now, which means both our chicks are on the other side of the world–and closer to each other than they are to us.  It’s both sad and fulfilling at the same time.  I feel as if I got far too short a time with them, either together or separately… while Corey feels like he finished that particular requirement, and is ready to move on to the next phase.  Don’t get me wrong – he misses them, too.  But he was readier than I was to have them finish growing up.

There is so much joy in knowing they’re OK, and that particularly weird sense that we experienced when our daughter went in the military three years ago–that someone else is taking care of our kid–is now doubled.  Kels just re-enlisted in the Army, and John, of course, is in the US Air Force, and will be stationed at Ramstein AFB for the next two years.  Kelsey’s so very excited about John heading for Germany that all her Facebook posts are filled with exclamation points and SHOUTS of joy.  That’s my girl. 🙂

This week is four years since Corey and I began our lives together – and that doesn’t even seem possible.  He’s still my knight in shining armor–and we’re still negotiating the rest of the equation.  Apparently, we will be for the rest of our lives… You know what I mean–who gets to ride the horse today, who cleans up after the horse, who sleeps on the mattress with a pea under it, who cleans the castle, who cooks for the minions (editors note:  I seriously wish we had minions–even one would be nice… and if you haven’t watched Despicable Me, you should), and who hunts down my slippers when I lose one (I hunt for my own slippers now; he only found one, and he was like all proud of it, you know?).

The diet continues, as does the working out, and I have lost a total of 16 pounds in two months, which I’m quite proud of–Corey has lost 20-ish, but is starting to add carbs back in to stabilize his weight.  I’ve got a ways to go, but I’m doing it slowly and working out hard, still trying to get in at least 5 and often 6 days a week.  I’m now swapping out between cardio one day and resistance the next–it gives me a lot more energy.

Not that I need added resources for energy… I’m up to three 20-oz cups of coffee a day, sometimes four.  Basically we go through one and a half or two pots of coffee each day between the two of us.  Plus, since I am shamelessly self-indulgent, we bought a CASE of sugar-free English toffee coffee syrup at the local restaurant supply store.  Twelve one-liter bottles.  It should last me about a month.

We’re headed for the Hannon family reunion near Tucson in December. Can’t wait to have two weeks off, for one thing–and I really enjoy Corey’s family so much.  Looking forward to the reunion and meeting the next generation.  Wish Kels & John could be there, but glad to be going, even without them.

It’s our second winter in Oregon–and we still love it here. We’re both working hard, but that’s kind of who we are anyway.  Hope you and yours are happy and healthy and looking forward to Thanksgiving.  We got an invitation to Corey’s sister’s in California, but declined–it would have been great to see family, but our plan to sleep in, relax, maybe rip the carpet out of the spare bedroom and redo the floor.  That’s my ambition anyway.  I think the whole of Corey’s was included in the “sleep in, relax” section of that sentence.  We shall see. o_O

OK – off to get my third cup of coffee. First virtual meeting of the day begins in 9 minutes.  And it’s two and a half hours long.  Today will definitely take that fourth cup to get through…

Have a grand Turkey Day!

With warmest regards,



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