1 – ooh, LOOK, shiny stuff

Just putting this together and actually made myself snicker with the old joke: “I have AADD, you know, Adult Attention Def… ooh, LOOK, shiny stuff!” So I’m keeping it. This is not meant in any way to denigrate those that believe they have it… even though I have a huge urge to say “get over yourself and stop making up stuff.”

News from the Air Force front:  First-born and only son John is in USAF Services Technical School in Fort Lee Virginia until November 9.  Had a nice long conversation with him this weekend, and he told us how he was planning to celebrate his birthday next weekend.  While I’m sorry to be missing his birthday, I’m thinking that he wouldn’t have wanted his mom along for this particular trip, as it includes a strip club, among other things.  They do grow up, and thank goodness for that, but there are still times I have to put my hands over my ears and sing “la la la la” tunelessly until he stops talking. There are some things you just should not tell your mother.  Just saying.  His first base is Ramstein AFB, Germany–and he already has orders.  Doesn’t mean they won’t change, but it’s looking pretty good.  Which makes Kelsey very happy, as she is over there at Vilseck, Germany.

Which brings us to News from the Army front:  First-born and only daughter Kelsey is doing fine and dandy–talked to her for a fleeting moment in between back-to-back meetings today–she and our grandbaby Tyler are happy and content, and she posts a few dozen pictures a week to prove it on Facebook.  He’s growing so fast–when we saw him in July he was just thinking about walking without support, and now he’s on the run, and you can tell.  He’s a happy little soul, and very loved.

News from the Cisco front:  Actually, work is going really, really well.  Got a number of successful programs up and running as we are moving into our second quarter for our fiscal year at the end of October.  The back-to-back meetings are kind of killer, but it’s literally the only way to get work done in a virtual world.  The price you pay for progress–but the perks are amazing, not least of which is being able to live wherever we blinking well please.  My very first job performance review will be Thursday.  I am by turns freaked out and self-assured about it, varying from moment to moment.  Fingers crossed that there are not a ton of “development opportunities” which is corporate speak for “fix this right now or suffer the consequences.”  I’m sure it will go well.  OK, I’m pretty sure it will go well.  I think.  Probably.

From the home front:  My husband is suffering through what is apparently the first diet he has ever been on.  He’s lost ten pounds in six weeks.  I’ve lost eight.  Since he’s the cook, he’s kind of taking it personally, trying to cook low-calorie foods with lots of flavor.  There have been some distinct successes on that front, and a few abject failures.  I’m working out five or six days a week now, running full out on an elliptical for an hour and switching back and forth between a half hour of free weights one day and a bunch of knee rehab exercises and crunches the next day.  Unfortunately, an eight pound difference can only be measured in millimeters in terms of body changes, but I have faith that I’ll start seeing results soon. At least… that’s what I tell myself anyway.  Corey has definitely learned the successful dieter’s grocery store motto:  “Don’t buy that, you know you’ll just eat it.”

So amazed that October 13 is the four-year anniversary of  the first time he kissed me.  The funny part of THAT is that our 3rd wedding anniversary was June 29… and we both forgot.  I wished him a happy anniversary like two days later. At least I eventually remembered.  Ha!  I win.

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